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[OOC] How's My Driving~?

Ffft, I'm finally getting around to this. -_- /fail

So, you can post here for any of my characters. Concrit, log ideas, whatevs. <3 And I swear I'll eventually get one of these on all my character journals. ^^; Just consider this a mass for all Squarewarts characters I play.

Anon on, and if anyone could tell me how to turn IP off, that'd be lovely. I'll give ya a cookie~ Although, honestly... I wouldn't even know what to do with it. o_O

Catty Turner (Daughters of the Moon) - scroll_heir
Nobuo Terashima (NANA) justcannotwin 
Hatori Sohma (Fruits Basket) - stuckwithidiots
Alyss Heart (The Looking Glass Wars) misplacedqueen 
Cree Winters (Re:Play) wantyoursong 


Little kitty, back in action.

I need to really stop misplacing this thing...

Sorry, guys, if anybody was trying to contact me the last few days. I've been a little under the weather and bed rest was completely mandatory.

So, what did I miss?

Private to Ren
I'm... Really sorry. About the other night... And...


You and me go masquerading~

I can't believe it's almost Halloween! And a masquerade is coming up~

I can't wait to see everyone's costumes!

Hey, Sakura~ I have a question for you. Ever thought of being the Queen of Hearts?

[Private to Kazumi]

Are you planning on asking anybody to the dance?


[Locked to Raziel]

So, I hear you are having a few issues concerning lack of underwear.

Sep. 21st, 2009

 Hey, I was just wondering... Does anybody know who was the one who brought me to the hospital? I... I want to thank them.

Oh, and I'm okay, for whoever doesn't know.

Clare? Are you okay? What about you, Orihime? =/


//Locked to all who were in the Great Hall, except Ren//Collapse )

Written off-journal: A letter to MomCollapse )

Voice Post

[There are loud voices in the background initially before Catty's voice cuts in.]

Sakura, Delita, tell me you guys decided to take the night off from being serious Ravenclaws? Tell me you're both in the Great Hall and that when I get there, you'll both laugh at me for worrying so much.

[A pause as she takes the time to grab one of the first years from trying to wander out of her group, sighing loudly.]

Harry, where the hell did you go?!

Konohamaru, why didn't I see you in the Common Room? You both better not be going after that crazy bitch.

On the matter of Cats and Dogs

About last night, fellow Gryffindors, I'm so sorry. There was a problem with a certain dog thinking a cat couldn't come through with something, and you know how cats can be.

I hope you weren't too bothered!

{{ooc: Hey, Gryffindors, feel free to have seen Catty leaving the 7th Year Boys' dorm early in the morning, covered in pink paint. >D}}

[Filtered to the 7th Year Gryffindor guys she oh-so rudely woke up]Collapse )

I'm on the hunt down after you.


Anybody willing to help me out for the musical Sharpay is putting on? =^.^= I seem to find myself in complete charge of sets. <3

It'll be really easy, I promise. All you need is to know how to hold a paintbrush and mix colors properly. And I will provide you with some chocolate. Free chocolate, come on~!

I'm starting to wonder about the future. Like...

I don't even know.

Hey, random question. Do any of you feel that evil is inherited? Can you hide from destiny?

Anybody else have a great time at Jim's party? <3 That includes you, Konohamaru.

[Private to Ren]

So, about that second date. Where are you planning on taking me?

Second Phase

Oh, man...  Professor Rangiku... Is definitely not a woman to cross. Or upset. Or make angry...

Well, at least I saved that girl. A full blast of that spell... Who knows what would have happened...

Thankfully, Sakura was there. I was NOT looking forward to another trip to the nurse...

Whatever you need, Sakura, you got it! <3

{{ooc: she is referring to the incident that started with this  omnomguts.livejournal.com/1795.html  and led to this: community.livejournal.com/squarewart_logs/129092.html }}