The Moon's elegant whisper of hope...

One girl against the atrocious.

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Catty Turner [AU]
14 September
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Catty Turner (AU) / Daughters of the Moon

Played by: Mandy Moore

"Jeez, did you forget how to party?" Catty asked. Then she smiled mysteriously. "Do you remember what Jimena and Serena used to say?"

Vanessa shook her head.

"Non aliquis incipit convivium sine nobis!" Catty shouted. "No one starts the party without us!"

Happiness rushed through Vanessa. "Nos sumus convivium!" Vanessa answered. "We are the party!"

They fell against each other, laughing.

~~The Final Eclipse, Lynne Ewing~~

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This is a roleplaying journal for squarewarts.

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